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I’ve crossed the line now, I’m certain of it


It's a "rangefinder" case for my iPhone 4s complete with a working shutter button, tripod mount (!) and 3 lenses (wide angle/macro, telephoto, and fisheye). It's got two little holes for a slim strap (which I plan to add).

Taking it off and putting it on is not exactly "quick" (I feel like the guy in the movies after he gets off the plane and heads to a restroom stall with his briefcase so he can assemble in private the sniper rifle that looks like it's built of Lego blocks) but I'm sure I'll get faster. It comes with a soft little bag, and my plan is to keep the "case/lenses/strap" in the bag, and put it on my iPhone when I head out for a walk. Dorky? Definitely. But awesome at the same time.


Check it out here at the Photojojo store. They have tons of cool camera stuff besides this, too!

(Posted by Laura)


  1. I’m curious to see how the lenses are…can you post some pics?

  2. I definitely will post pics Leigh. I haven’t used it yet (aside from testing it by taking photos of the mail on my counter…probably won’t post those)…so far seems like the wide angle/macro lens does closeup way better than the stock lens, and is, well, a little wider. The telephoto is (I forgot…2x?)…seems cool as well but I’ll need to compare images…and the fisheye does as advertised…all round and ooky. Will get out soon and get some “real” shots and post some examples. -L

  3. Super. Freaking. Awesome.

  4. OH EM GEEEEEE, I must have this too!!! I feel like you are my personal shopper! and…that it’s a sign that it’s at PhotoJOJO, ya, that’s right!! gittttting it!

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