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Using Your Airstream as a Guest House

It's really too bad we can't get our long long trailer up and turned around correctly in our steep and narrow driveway so we could do this, but I think using your Airstream as a guest house over the holidays is a fabulous idea. (Although if we could get our Airstream to our driveway, I'd probably be the one out there claiming the cozy haven for myself!)  

Our friend Rhonda is writing an article on this subject for Airstream and I'll be shooting photos (using our trailer as a stunt guest house) to illustrate in the next few days. Will link to the article when it's out, and post photos of course.


But just know HOW DIFFICULT it was for me to buy holiday decorations at the store today way way WAY too early. It is so not like me that I even found myself explaining to a total stranger (the checker) just WHY I needed Christmas stuff while Thanksgiving is still two weeks away. 

(Posted by Laura)