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Cozy Rainy Days in the Airstream

We just returned from a few days working and hanging out down at Champoeg State Park. It was mostly rainy and foggy and gray, with a couple of sun breaks that lit up the blazing red and yellow-leaved trees. I love autumn.

Anyway, we got a lot done and spent several cozy days working, and evenings watching a few episodes of Breaking Bad (just finished Season 2), cooking and sipping wine while listening to the rain on the aluminum. I didn't get any photos really, except this shot when we were on our way back to Champoeg one evening last week after driving into town to go to an opera:


It was late and there wasn't much traffic on the freeway. Once we got back to Champoeg it was intensely foggy and eerie. If I hadn't been so tired I'd have gotten my real camera out and taken long exposure shot of the Airstream in the dark fog, but I didn't. Just know that it looked really cool.

I did shoot some interior photos of the Airstream for the "Using Your Airstream as a Guest House" piece, as I mentioned before, and will post a few of those soon. Made me want to go get some egg nog and cookies!

(Posted by Laura)