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New Curtains

I fashioned some curtains this week to replace the flimsy (lame) accordian privacy dividers (that broke on maybe the third time we used them) that came with our Airstream. Originally I wanted to find a nice silvery velvet fabric, but I found two curtain panels at Target that were a nice cool velvety brown, the right width, and would only need the little plastic fixtures sewn in on one end, and the curtain rod grommets hemmed off the other end. So I found the little track fixtures at Camping World, picked up a couple snap kits (fabric-to-wall) and some material I wanted to use for the tie backs (snap backs, actually). As soon as we mocked one of 'em up, we realized that going all the way to the floor created an issue with air flow, and the fabric would bow out in a big arc when one fan or the other was on (the accordian dividers had about six inches between the bottom edge and the floor. We thought we might need weights hemmed into the bottom until we realized we could just turn the curtain upside down, use the curtain rod grommets as both weights and vents, and sew the track widgets into what began as the bottom of the curtain. Is that confusing? Here are some photos. I still need to take the curtains home and finish the hem and iron them, but other than we are good to go! I actually think the brown is better than the silver would have been (did I just say that??).  The brown blends into the walls when the curtains are put away, and when in use they cozy the place up a bit. Perfect.





I've only got my iPhone with me right now, but after I bring back the finished curtains I'll take some decent photos. 

(Posted by Laura)