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Yellowstone – Day 2

We've seen three Airstreams in the park so far, including this one. We scoped out a few campgrounds…thinking ahead for when we come back with the trailer. 

Today we did the northernmost loop. We explored the Norris Geyser Basin, Mammoth Hot Springs, and returned to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone to hike down Uncle Tom's Trail. Descends more than 500 feet, in a series of more than 300 stairs and paved inclines. Whew!

Here are some photos from today:












And here's a shot of some of the 300 stairs on Uncle Tom's Trail (and the waterfall, from part of the way down):



While we were driving today, I came around a corner and traffic slowed considerably. Seems there was a HUGE bison taking his sweet time strolling down the middle of the opposite lane. I snapped a quick photo (with my window rolled up…he was HUGE…did I mention that?)  So cool.


(Posted by Laura)