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The Most Beautiful Flight Ever

Well that didn't suck.

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Flew into Jackson Hole this morning (from Bozeman). Stunning view of the Grand Tetons. On the way, we did a little sightseeing over Yellowstone and got to fly over the Grand Prismatic Spring (another geothermal area). We hiked around it the other day, but from the ground you can't really see anything but steam and a rust-colored edge. It's a WHOLE DIFFERENT BALLGAME from the air. 

The folks at the FBO at the Jackson Hole airport were super helpful and got us a cheap rental car and a nice room in Jackson, and we're here in the hotel lobby doing some work while we wait for our room. I'll upload and post some of the aerial shots from Yellowstone in a little bit, after I get some work done.

(Posted by Laura)