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On the Columbia River

We're working this week from Skamokawa Vista Park on the Washington Side of the Columbia River. Larra and Ari are here with us from NY, and my mom joined and is camped in the spot next to us. Here are a couple shots of and from camp:


We picked up some solar-powered string lights to put on the awning when we're boondocking and they worked great!


This ship came from Japan and dropped off a bunch of Toyotas in Portland and was headed back out to sea:


Last night I made us some pizzas and we grilled them on the Traeger on our new pizza stones. Pizza #1 was an adaptation of our friend Doug Heath's "chick magnet" which is pesto, brie, apples, and pine nuts. I added chicken and a little mozzarella to ours, so perhaps I'll call this one "chicken magnet."  In any case, it was YUM.


Pizza #2 was a tomato pizza sauce base, spinach, fresh tomato slices, mozzarella, meatballs, and some fresh basil on top, on a wheat crust.


The third pizza did not get photographed because it was dark and we were eating, but it was an herb garlic crust, bruschetta base, spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella, chicken apple chardonnay sausage and chicken italian sausage, with some pine nuts and fresh basil. We will definitely be doing homemade pizza on the Traeger again!

(Posted by Laura)