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Camping Tables

We've been using this cool aluminum table from Camping World for the past few months to set the Traeger Jr. on next to the Airstream. Sturdy enough (supports up to 60lbs), expandable, and would pack down into a great little canvas bag for easy storage and portability. Then last week the back two legs started to bend as we were cooking our pizzas (I think it was the additional weight of the cutting block I sat on it for tranferring pizzas…it's a heavy one!) Anyway, that was the end of that table. I found this one from Coleman to replace it:

I think it's gonna be a winner. Supports up to 300 pounds (!!!) and folds in half into a largish briefcase-style package, and you can make it into two tables or one table…lots of options. Will let you know what we think after our next trip!

(Posted by Laura)