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Paulina Lake

We arrived last night at the Paulina Lake Campground. Wow. Why haven't we camped here before? This area is beautiful and we've explored it quite a bit on other trips but until now hadn't camped here. It's gorgeous. And for a Forest Service campground…holy moly!

This is our spot:


And this is the lake:


Wouldja get a load of the water color??  (This is looking straight down with the sun hitting it, but still!)


View from our boat:


Just before we got pulled over by the sheriff:


I kid you not. He tied up to our portside ama and told us that our boat needed to be registered. But it's a kayak. Yes, but it has a sail. Well, yeah, but only sometimes, and when we bought it they said it wasn't required to be registered. Yes, well sailboats over 12 feet must be registered in Oregon. Okay then. So he wrote up an inspection form (not a ticket) and told us where we could get it registered (Ace Hardware in La Pine) and so we've got that all worked out now and can continue sailing. Yay! We thought he was coming over to ask to see our fishing licenses (which we had with us, along with ID, proper life vests, and the required whistle). We thought we were SO prepared. Oh well, he was very nice, and now we're all legal and can continue on our sailing way.

We're attending our first Airstream Rally this weekend here, and so far it's been a blast. Everyone is so nice and I'm sure we'll end up getting ourselves a nice set of purdy red numbers to put on our Airstream at some point. I'll take more photos of the festivities and post them when I get a chance. We have no cell service out here (AT&T) and only occasional data service (Verizon). So no live blogging. We're in LaPine now doing a little work (and, well, taking care of the registration issue) so I thought I'd take advantage of the connection for a quick update.

(Posted by Laura)