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Vineyard View

Today we switched to another spot in this park because we decided to stay a few more days around here (and unfortunately our spot on the hill is reserved for tonight). However, this is our new view:

Vineyard view
Not bad. There's a huge honeysuckle bush in the foreground, then vineyards, then I believe that is the Eos Estate Winery in the distance. I can't believe I'm saying this, but holy moly, for a commercial RV Park, this place is amazing. It's beautiful and the grounds are lovely and though we usually stay at state parks and questionable boondocking spots, the boulder-surrounded hot tub here up on the hill doesn't really suck at all and is quite nice in the evenings. We plan to stay here 'til Sunday then go park on the edge of Lake San Antonio for a few days with no "amenities" (besides the edge of the lake 10 feet from our Airstream, with our boat parked nearby, and our "wine cellar" newly stocked with some delicious, local Paso Robles wines).

(Posted by Laura)