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Lake San Antonio

Here's where we are now:


North Shore of Lake San Antonio, in Central California. We just backed up and parked on the edge of the lake, made some lunch, and pretty soon we'll unload the Hobie and see how the water is. This place is interesting…there are some loops down at one end that have water and electricity hookups and designated campsites … other than that, the rest of the loops (and there are many) are all just free-for-all, park-on-the-edge-of-the-lake-wherever spots (both camping and day use, no difference). It's pretty cool. It's quite crowded today (Sunday, Father's Day) but I expect it'll clear out a bit toward the end of the day. 

We're are all connected and set for working from here tomorrow and Tuesday using the Verizon data card in the modem…looks like we've got a super fast 4G or LTE connection. My AT&T cell phone service, however? Not so awesome.

Here's another shot from the water:

(Posted by Laura)