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I Wish I Knew the Story

Okay so last night while we were camped at Valley of the Rogue State Park, Kevin and I were sitting out at the picnic table at our campsite having dinner when I noticed someone in the next campsite (over Kevin's shoulder) hiding on the other side of their truck from us and peeking over at our site (or our truck, or our Airstream…couldn't exactly tell). At first, I thought maybe the person was just doing something to their truck and it just looked like they were spying, but then the first person went back to their trailer and reemerged with another person, and now I could see them BOTH standing on the other side of their truck, definitely peeking over and talking about whatever they were looking at. It was SO odd, especially with us sitting right there, and I decided if either of them looked toward me that I would wave. Soon, one of them (the taller one, a male, the second one out) looked toward our picnic table (through front cab of the truck windows) and I waved. 🙂  He popped his head out from behind the truck and said hi, and something like "You've got the Rolls Royce of trailers there."  I said "Oh yeah?" and Kevin said "We really love it" and then "Come on over if you want" but the guy replied "Oh, we've been in 'em, but thanks." Then they both pretty much turned around and snuck back into their trailer and we never saw them again. 

Note: I know that Airstreams are more expensive than many of your everyday RVs, but STILL. Everywhere we go we see RVs that are triple the cost of ours…I guess I just wouldn't choose Rolls Royce as the parallel.

Anyway, it was strange and I wish I knew what they were saying and what their story was, but their truck was gone when we left so we never got another chance to connect. 

(Posted by Laura)