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Bonny Doon, Santa Cruz


We stopped in Santa Cruz for one night just to go visit Bonny Doon Vineyard and have dinner at one of their first summer farm-to-table community suppers at the Cellar Door. We're staying at the Santa Cruz Harbor RV Park (a parking lot with room for about a dozen RVs at the marina). We pulled in, parked, went to replace the fishing rod that Kevin broke (not on a fish, unfortunately), then went over to Bonny Doon to do a quick taste and join the wine club (as we knew we would), then to New Leaf Community Market for some groceries, then back to the trailer to quick clean up and change clothes and then back to Bonny Doon for dinner. There's one large, long table where everyone is seated, and on Wednesday nights in the summer they do a prix fixe menu: 3 courses with wine for 25 bucks. Everything was great…we met some really fun people and had a nice evening. Dinner started with a sunchoke carrot soup, then a pesto chicken with fingerling potatoes, and dessert was a tarte with cherries, peaches (I think), and a basil ice cream. Delicious. Everyone got some fresh red basil to take home, and we brought home some of the wine we had with dessert (one that wasn't one of the 10 bottles we bought earlier today), called Angel Paille. Perfect with basil ice cream!

(Posted by Laura)