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New Upholstery

The one thing I haven't ever really loved about our Airstream is the upholstery.  I feel like with all the cool design they put into these trailers, the upholstery (both quality and fabric choice) is not up to the same standard. In our trailer there is just way too much brown. The cabinetry is dark brown and the upholstery is dark brown and I just don't see how that was a good design decision.

And so today we went ahead and put into motion our reupholstery project.  Last year I found Frank and Ruth von Hutten, a couple who does wonderful upholstery work in and around the Portland area, and had them reupholster a vintage sofa and chair for my studio that turned out fabulous.  So they came by today and picked up the Airstream cushions and left me with two little cutouts of the fabric we chose.  

So excited!

The main dinette and sofa will be silver (yay! more silver!) and the accent cushions will be a beautiful, shiny vintage looking brown (warmer and more chocolatey than in this photo). The fabric is a combination of recycled leather backing and heavy duty environmentally friendly non-leather front.  Only one of the accent pieces will really show, and it's the triangularly shaped piece next to the door…the wide piece we frequently sit things on as we bring them in from outside…things that are often not perfectly clean.  So this dark and easily cleanable color will be perfect there.   

I'm looking forward to having the interior brightened up a bit, and I love the neutral base of these colors…perfect for accessorizing with pops of bright color.

Of course will post photos when it's done. It's gonna be awesome! (I already mocked it up in Photoshop, so I know.)