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That’s one way to fix the ticking…

While we were at at home for a few days last week, we noticed that the Explorer was making a little ticking sound. Exhaust manifold leak?  Head gasket? So we made an appointment at the Ford dealer for service and took it in for a look on Thursday. We had plans to leave again on Sunday to meet up with my mom on the Oregon coast, so we crossed our fingers and hoped it was just an exhaust manifold leak that could be fixed by the time we were supposed to leave.  

While we were at the dealer we decided to check out some new trucks. We'd been wishing for a little more power up those hills and a bit more stability in general and had talked about upgrading sometime in the future, so we went out with a salesman to explore our options.

Remember when we took our 2005 Airstream in for maintenance and came home with a 2010 Airstream? Seems to be the way we roll.  

Meet our new tow vehicle:



While we were in signing papers, the service guy called: exhaust manifold leak.  

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