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Electric Irony

Lake Almanor, where we are now camped, is a hydroelectric project – operated by PG&E. There are a number of nice campgrounds around the west side of the lake. Most of them have electric and water hookups at the campsite.

Rocky Point, however – the campground owned and operated by PG&E, has no electric power available. Hmmm… 

Luckily, with our solar power system, we have PLENTY of power. This is the first time we've been parked in direct sun most of the day while dry-camping. We arrived with our batteries at 67%. Within a couple of days, they reached 100% charge. We've been running the espresso maker, the microwave, the milk foamer, the flat-iron, the Wi-Fi hub, the TVs, the DVD player, the stereo, the lights, the water pump, and just about every other thing we could find with an "on" switch.

Each day, before noon, the batteries are back to 100%. We haven't even successfully run them below 90%, despite using lots of electricity at night.

In Oregon, in the winter, when days are short, dark, and rainy – and where the campsites are mostly shaded, we'll be glad for the extra capacity. 

(Posted by Kevin)