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(Henry) Rollins Lake

We spent two nights at (Henry) Rollins Lake at the Peninsula Camping & Boating Resort.  No hookups, and ten twisty miles out You Bet Rd.  It felt like we were far from everything and everyone most of the time (except when that one boat out on the lake was blasting Journey at 9am one morning).  But anyway.  Here are the stats:

AT&T Cell service:  Full bars of 3G
Our battery charge when we arrived:  80%
Our battery charge when we left:  67%
Episodes of Lost watched:  3
Number of cappuccinos made:  4
Microwave time used:  2 minutes 30 seconds

We took off in the hottest part of the afternoons and explored Nevada City and Grass Valley.  Of all the little gold towns we've explored along Highway 49, Nevada City totally wins.  

(Posted by Laura