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A Whole Lotta Drivin, and Not a Lotta Postin’


Day 1:   We left at  8:30pm from Portland, OR and drove I-5 to Roseburg, OR (Amacher County Park). 

Day 2:  Then to Grants Pass, OR, Hwy 199 to Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park/Campground.

Day 3:  Hwy 199 over to Crescent City, CA, south on 101 to Patrick's Point, CA (Patrick's Point State Park).  
Day 4:  South on 101.  Took a detour on Hwy 211 through Fernville, CA, then back to 101 until we took the Avenue of the Giants scenic alternate route for 22 miles.  Hwy 101 to Leggett, CA, then Hwy 1 the rest of the way. Down the coast just past Fort Bragg (Caspar Beach Campground/RV Park).

Day 5:  Through Mendocino down Hwy 1 to Sonoma Coast State Beach (Wright's Beach Campground).

Day 6:  Hwy 1 through past Point Reyes to 101 through San Francisco, back to Hwy 1 to Half Moon Bay (Francis Campground at Half Moon Bay). 

Day 7:  Headed to Laguna Seca today.

(Posted by Laura)