A Few Days in the Bay Area


We left Anacortes on Friday morning (after returning from The Willows Inn on Lummi, and after stopping to look at a couple more boats) and drove back to Portland. We didn't get in until about 10:30pm on Friday night, and as Kevin brought in the last of our stuff from the truck, said "Please tell me you already brought my laptop bag into the house." 


Well shit. Guess where Kevin's laptop was? Waiting patiently in the pilothouse of Airship, back in Anacortes, four and a half hours away. We had a flight to San Francisco on Sunday morning, a birthday party for a good friend in SF on Sunday night, and then starting Monday mid-day in San Jose: meetings meetings meetings for two days. The presentation we'd been working on was on Kevin's laptop and we couldn't make do without it. So, guess what we did on Saturday? About nine hours of driving to go get that laptop (and give Airship another little pat on the bow). It was super windy and pouring rain for most of the drive, to boot! (See, it's not all rainbows and unicorns around here.)

We made it fine to SF and had a great view from our room at Hotel Nikko (above). The birthday party for our friend Tad was a wonderful evening with an incredible group of people. I've known Tad Savinar since I graduated from art school when, based on a recommendation from one of my professors, I became Tad's studio assistant for a few years. Tad is many things...among them, a visual artist. Now days we are friends, and I help him realize his work using some of my skills...photography, Photoshop, some printing. He's inspiring to work with, but more importantly he is one of the most wonderful people I've ever known. Everyone at the party last night had something amazing to say about their friendship with Tad, and it was a beautiful thing to experience. The party was in the Salesian room of Original Joe's in North Beach. What a great venue! Upholstered walls and cool old signage...dinner was delicious, and the service was impeccable, but really it was all about the people.


There were a few people at the party with late November/December birthdays, and Tad made sure to recognize each one of them by giving out beautiful flower leis. This was Kevin's:


We gave Tad (and his wife, Kate) a portrait session in the studio. I said they could choose the style of their choice, but that I had some suggestions, and that dressing up was a must. (This will be a fun one!!)


(Side note: Tad and Kate are the couple who got married in Florence, Italy in May of 2014, and were the reason we went to Italy in the first place last year.)

This morning we drove into San Jose for a couple of meetings and presentations, and then I Yelp'd us a cool place to grab some dinner afterwards. On a previous trip I found a little place called Kenny's Cafe that had a delicious bibimbap (among many other things), but Kenny's closes at 3pm. We had a little bit of a jones for bibimbap, and I found a new place not too far from where we were called Mixed Roll & Bop, a new Korean Asian fusion spot with (from the reviews) the BEST bibimbap, as well as good spicy chicken wings, and sushi. We tried the stone pot bibimbap with spicy pork, some spicy chicken wings, and a spicy tuna roll (yeah, spicy seemed to be the theme, I know). It was all great, but the bibimbap!!! It was THE BEST! (Preparing it in the stone pot gives the rice some crunchy goodness on the bottom.)


This is their funky little sign out front:


Highly recommended. It's very small, and the environment is definitely on the "fast food" side, but the food was delicious and we'll definitely go back!

Tomorrow is another day of meetings and then we'll fly back to Portland tomorrow night. 


Last Day in Cary, NC


Those are called "American Redbud" and they're all over Raleigh and Cary, in multiple shades of pink. I took these on our walk yesterday to the Fortnight Brewing Company along the Cary Greenway:


We've had such a great time visiting Tiffani and Deke. It's been a pretty chill visit, with much eating and drinking, some video games, a couple movies, an Alt-J concert, and a nice walk yesterday to a brewery (and then more eating). 

Alt-J at the Red Hat Amphitheater on Friday night (great show!):


On Saturday afternoon Deke cooked up some wings on the Traeger. We had four different kinds, with several dipping sauces, and they were ALL fantastic. Yesterday we went to Beasley's Chicken & Honey for chicken and waffles (sides: creamed collards, beets, and mac & cheese):


Deeee-licious! And when we get home, we're starting back on the salad-fish-veggies-chicken diet. OMG seriously.

Also, while we were here, we PLANNED FOR ALASKA! Tiffani and Deke are going to meet us in Juneau in June and cruise Southeast Alaska with us for two weeks. We're ALL so excited! Together we'll see Juneau, Petersburg, and Sitka, and tons of stuff in between!

Eating and Drinking in Raleigh, NC

We're visiting our friends Tiffani and Deke in North Carolina this week, and besides visiting and catching up and helping them watching them move into their new place, we've been checking out some of the local spots for food and drink. We went to a great spot for Mexican food the other night called Jose & Sons, and last night we went to a place called Trophy Brewing & Pizza for (duh) beer and pizza:


The beer taps are all trophy tops...cute!


The pizza there was fabulous. We ordered a "Daredevil" (ghost chili pepper salami, fire roasted tomato sauce, mozzarella blend, fresh jalapeno, caramelized onions, sriracha) -- so hot and SO good, another called  "Local Celebrity" (sweet potato puree, smoked gouda, country ham, swiss chard, spiced apple reduction), also SO good, and the "Most Outgoing" (local mushrooms, caramelized onion, fresh arugula, brie, mozzarella blend, tomato sauce). All three were delicious and different.

The first night in the new place was without power, so we hung out by candlelight last night, and this morning Deke went to get coffee and breakfast for everyone (North Carolina style):


The power's back now and we're just working here while they settle in.