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Category: Inside Passage

Lagoon Cove, BC

We motored over to Lagoon Cove yesterday after we left Kwatsi Bay. We fished a bit along the way in Tribune Channel, and got quite a few bites. We had one large, gorgeous-looking fish on at one point, but lost it at the last minute. Awwwwww. The sky was clear…

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Kwatsi Bay, BC

We left Sullivan Bay yesterday morning and headed to Kwatsi Bay. We made a stop at Pierre's at Echo Bay because we wanted say hi to Pierre. I have a funny story about this, but I'll tell you at the end of the post, so the Kwatsi Bay photos can stay together. …

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Catching Up (and, we are now past Cape Caution!)

Shearwater, Pruth Bay, and Sullivan Bay, BC While in Shearwater on Wednesday afternoon we got a few groceries at the market there, and hung out at the Fisherman's Bar & Grill and worked for a few hours. Shearwater is great, but the internet there kinda sucks. The free internet didn't…

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The Ditch and The Payoff (Spoiler: More Humpbacks!)

Airship Goes to Alaska (and BC) Prince Rupert (AK) — Lowe Inlet (BC) — Khutze Inlet (BC) — Jackson Passage (BC) — Shearwater (BC) Sunday was a 58 mile day and a good chunk of it was in Grenville Channel. Grenville Channel is a 42-mile long narrow channel that locals…

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Ketchikan to Foggy Bay (and More Aurora Borealis!)

Airship Goes to Alaska I'm just gonna start with this: "Holy crap it's so amazing!!!" Okay now, continue reading. There will be more candy later. Downtown Ketchikan from the water: On Thursday morning we ran a few errands in Ketchikan (more Ray Troll shirts for friends, picking up some tax docs…