Airstream Photo Studio

A Break in the Weather


Yesterday when we had a little break in the stormy weather, my mom asked if we could try to get a photo of her with her dogs out on some of the huge driftwood pieces just out from our campsites, near the beach. We ended up with several really good ones. Here are two of my favorites:

L-R: Journey, my mom, Pirate, Quest

L-R clockwise: Journey, my mom, Pirate, Quest (on the ground)

We had a good breakfast of veggie and egg frittata with big wedges of watermelon, and now we're hard at work with a much less stormy view of the Columbia River.

My Portable Photo Studio for the Airstream

I thought I'd show you what I use as my lightweight photo gear when we're on the road. It's so nice not to have to lug around my heavy DSLR and a bag full of lenses. This is my setup:


(This stuff is on the top of our regular sized picnic table right now....the Lastolite blue carrying bag is not quite the depth? of the table, for size reference.)

I've got my Fuji x100s (16MP, 35mm fixed lens), a Lastolite collapsable background (white, folds up and collapses into that blue zipper bag) that expands to 5ft x 6ft and can easily be leaned up against the side of the trailer if I want a solid background, and a Tamrac light stand bag. In the smaller outer pocket of the bag I keep these:


Two Pocket Wizard Plus X transceivers and one YongNuo YN560-II speedlight (affectionately known as the Kung Pao strobe...learned about this one from David Hobby/'s cheap, it's manual, and fast recycling). One Pocket Wizard goes in the hot shoe of my x100s and one connects to the speedlight with that curly cord there. The speedlight and its Pocket Wizard then get attached to the platform bracket on top of this Bogen telescoping monopod (which also has an umbrella adapter on it). The umbrella slips into its spot on the adapter and the speedlight lights the subject through it (softening the light). The speedlight is triggered by the Pocket Wizard on my x100s when I press the shutter. Super portable, huh?


So far, I'm extremely happy with the results I'm getting from this little kit!